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So I was bored, so I made this.
Comment here and I'll tell more stuff!

What relationship we have:
[] friends
[] best friends 
[] best friends for life!
[] girlfriend/boyfriend 
[] enemies 

What I'd do if we met in real life:
[] happy scream 
[] tackle you 
[] hug you
[] kiss you
[] I would never want to meet you anyway!

If you were feeling sad I would:
[] cheer you up
[] feel sad for you
[] not do anything 
[] laugh at you
[] make your day worse 

What color you remind me of:
[] red 
[] orange 
[] yellow 
[] green 
[] blue 
[] purple 
[] pink 
[] brown
[] black 
[] white 

You should do this:
[] tell me three things you like about me 
[] how you really feel about me(be honest)
[] stay away from me


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United States

Hello and welcome to the world where anything can happen! My name is Caedence or if you want to, you can simply call me Magic. Everyone new will be given a warm welcome, by me! Just be nice, Ok? Hope you enjoy life in the magical kingdom! :3

Bye, and have a great day, all you magical people!

Oh yeah, my ID picture was made by OriginatorArtistry. *u*


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If I offended you I'm so sorry ;.;
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